U-Chyung & Meei Ting

are getting married on November 2, 2019

He Proposed

It was my birthday when he brought me on a road trip. A proposal was the last thing in my mind. He got down on one knee and the question finally came!

I could hear the nervousness in his voice. I was so touched and he brought me to tears. It’s definitely a YES – I didn’t expect he was this romantic.

And on 27 Aug 2017, we were on our way to becoming the Lims!

She Said "Yes!"

It was her birthday and I knew I had to make it different. She had always wanted a memorable birthday and I thought a proposal was definitely going to be sweet.

On the day of her birthday, little did I expect I would be that nervous when I asked for her hand in marriage. My heartbeat raced as I got down on one knee, but getting a yes was the best thing that has happened to me.

She nodded, and said yes, as she gave me her hand – and we’re now becoming the Lims!

The Big Day

We’ve attended enough weddings and this year, we’re hosting ours! We’re really excited to have you at our wedding and since you’re gonna be dressed anyway, why not dress to impress?

Dress Code

We only get married once in our life so we want you to look gorgeous with us. You’re gonna be dressed anyway, why not dress to impress? We’re gonna be flashing our cameras all night long and you may just be featured in our selfies and stories. Suit up and put on your glam dress, you’d wanna come prepared!

Saturday, November 2, 2019 


The Skye @ M Summit 191 Executive Suites

Magazine Road

Georgetown, Penang


Being together, it’s the moments that matter. We made a promise that we will be creating every beautiful moment together – so check out this space!

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